Experience of use Clean Forte

Clean Forte Drops: My Experience

Are you sure you do not have parasites? Are you sure they do not live in your child? This review is not just about Clean Forte, I want you to be more concerned about the health and well-being of your loved ones!

Clean Forte remove my child from worms

A little background

Last fall, my child sometimes started to complain of stomach ache, and at certain times: in the morning before meals and in the evening after meals. They do not sound the alarm, because the complaint is not every day, the pain quickly passes.

At the same time, the child started having the flu and twice in 2 months he developed bronchitis. Colds and viral infections - non-stop, practically do not go to kindergarten for 3 months.

We have become regular visitors to the clinic. We also met with a gastroenterologist about abdominal pain. Ultrasound passed - all indications are normal. "Do not overeat your baby! " - said the therapist without making a diagnosis.

Then we went to the immunologist. At an appointment after a detailed examination, the doctor explained to me that the parasite that lives in the human body and does not show its presence can weaken the immune system. It is very difficult to recognize it, only special tests and special examinations. All of this will require a lot of time and money, even torturing the child with the procedure.

Today's tips

Real reviews of Fort Forte

The doctor advised us to take Clean Forte, an anti-parasitic drug. He recounts how to use it, draws our attention to ease of use, and the fact that it is only plant-based. Due to its safe composition, the drops do not harm the body and do not cause side effects. For children, from the age of three, this drug can be used in pediatrics.

Unfortunately, I did not find this drop in the pharmacy in our city, I ordered it on the official website of the manufacturer. It turned out to be much easier and faster than a trip to the pharmacy. The drops are not disgusting in taste, it smells like an ingredient, when diluted in water, it practically does not taste. Therefore, it is not difficult to tell the child to drink it.


We take this medicine in the prescribed regimen and according to the dose indicated. You need to take drops before meals and preferably after taking them, do not eat for half an hour. The child did not change and drank the solution hysterically. In the process of intake, I did not see any deviation from the norm, nor were there any side effects. My husband and I also decided to take a prevention course, as well as cleanse and strengthen the body.

There is no change in health condition while taking the pill. After completing the course completely, the boy stopped complaining of stomach pain. After taking the medicine, we started going to kindergarten. Now we do not face the problem of colds, visits to the garden are common.

We now have a Clean Forte drop all the time. I always do parasitic prophylaxis and as a result, we tend to get sick and have a fever.